Who is Kahina?


Welcome to the Latin American Dream!

This Dream is about exploring Latin America off the beaten tracks, meeting local people and responsible tourism entrepreneurs.

Throughout this journey, I swap my professional skills for food and accomodation in structures committed to a better tourism.

Being a HopAmbassador, I represent the collaborative platform Hopineo promoting sustainable tourism putting forward thehosts and travellers engaged in this process.

I am also supporting Visit.org, a social enterprise offering immersive, impactful travel experiences with do-good organizations around the globe.


This is the story of a travel addict, in love with the nature and fascinated by the discovery of new cultures who decides to live her dreams going out of her comfort zone. This travel bug hit me when I was very young... I still remember my state of excitement when I first start to speak english at 10 years old. Same story with the spanish a few years later. I left France to live in England at 18 years old and then Spain. Since then I never stopped travelling! I went back to France for good reasons, but my heart remained attracted by the world and as often as I could I would fly again..

To me the best experiences happened when travelling solo : backpacking trip in Europe, volunteering in Cambodia and Peru, and other take-off to random destinations.

However these getaways always seemed too short. I really feel in my element when I travel. 

So the click happened during a trip in Peru. I decided since then not to dream my life anymore but to live my dreams - and the first step is to spend most of my time doing what I really enjoy.

That is how I decided to quit my job in Paris to travel along Latin America offering my skills in business development and marketing.

-My synthetic background on Linkedin: Kahina Bouaissi

-Why this trip? Read the article

-I joined the Ambassador teams of  Hopineo Latin America and Visit.org

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