The Project

Let the adventure begin !

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1st september 2016 : Starting a long journey through Latin America

The objective : meeting tourism entrepreneurs involved in a sustainable tourism approach with a positive social and environmental impact in the destination.

During this trip I will swap my skills in exchange for food and accomodation and will contribute to the development of the collaborative platform Hopineo.

I also support, a social enterprise offering immersive, impactful travel experiences with do-good organizations around the globe.

Which skills?

I can help with marketing & business development doing short consulting missions  - between 3 and 20 days.

Here are some example of consulting missions :

  • Defining and setting up a sales and marketing action plan
  • Marketing : product / service, price structure, promotion, distribution, commercialization
  • Consulting in quality of service and infrastructures
  • Optimization of the online distribution
  • Helping creating or developing the touristic service and price strategy
  • Trainings

Following the visit, the structures involved in a sustainable tourism approach will be listed in the non collaborative platform Hopineo as a Hophost to gain more visibility.


The journey starts in September 2016 in Mexico and the idea is to travel to different countries of Latin America for an undetermined period of time.

rond vert google mymaps confirmed visits       rond rouge google mymaps potential visits